Deli Counter

Come and see our wide variety of deli produce with well-stocked multi-deck fridges. 
Our deli counter has a wide range of cheeses such as Snowdonia Black Bomber; Brie de Meaux; Montagnolo to name but a few; olives, pate, and if that wasn’t enough delicious cakes such as cream doughnuts, custard tarts and chocolate eclairs from Chatwins. 
We pride ourselves in making our own pork pies and sausage rolls.  We also roast our own hams to add to our cold meat selection which includes delicious chorizo.
Our freezers are well stocked with Claire’s Kitchen frozen ready meals and a variety of fish delights such as breaded haddock; salmon; fishcakes; scampi and many more. 
If ice cream is your thing – look no further!  We stock a wide range of soft scoop Cheshire Farm ice cream in a variety of flavours.  On our shelves you’ll find our free-range eggs from local farms; a wide selection of cheese biscuits and an extensive selection of Mrs. Darlingtons jams and chutneys

Supplier of the Month

image of pork loin joint

We are proud to use Packington’s to supply our Pork.  They  are passionate about provenance, and sustainable and ethical farming. These values drive their work to create an environmentally sound and welfare-orientated farm.  Their fields have grass margins around them, to protect hedgerows and encourage a safe environment for ecosystems to flourish.

Packington pigs are given large green and lush pastures to roam and time to mature. The sows live their whole lives outside with plenty of space to roam, wallow and be sociable. When the piglets are weaned, they are moved into large outdoor paddocks. Here the piglets have the benefit of well bedded, cosy tents, while still being able to run around outside.This is not only best for the animals’ welfare, it also results in first class meat. A fact which has earned them numerous industry awards and also recommendations from celebrity chefs such as  ‘The Hairy Bikers

Their outdoor reared pigs are RSPCA Freedom Food accredited and Packington Free Range have been awarded a Good Chicken and Good Pig Award from Compassion in World Farming.   A happy pig is a healthy pig!

Claire's Kitchen

Each week Claire is busy making new ready-meal dishes which will be available freshly made from our freezer.

    • Our dishes are all homemade using our shop’s highest quality products.
    • We never add preservatives or additives to our food and we use sustainable local products wherever possible.
    • We pride ourselves on choosing recyclable containers and packaging.
    • You will be able to pre-order to either collect in our shop or we can deliver
    • Dishes available serve 1 or 2.
    • We also cater to larger numbers.  Click on our made-to-order icon, choose which dish you would like; how many for; when you would like to collect and we will do the rest!


image of gifts available at Burrows

Our  gift area has a fantastic range of cards, gifts, gift wrap & bags to suit all occasions.      

Mark's Butchery

Mark Burrows is the 4th generation butcher in the family business.

He has worked in the shop for over 30 years having started at the age of 16.  He prides himself in selling high-quality, sustainably farmed meats and cheeses.  He is proud to continue the artisan tradition of hand-made sausages, many of which have won awards.

Mark’s homemade sausage rolls and pork pies also take some beating.

Burrows fine foods - butchery